Structural Audit is an overall health and performance check-up of the structure. in order to find out the safety and stability of the structure. Structural audit is an important tool for knowing the real health status of the structures.

Older structures tend to reduce strength and stability, in course of time. If further use of such deteriorated structure is continued, it may endanger the lives of the inmates and surrounding habitation. Hence, appropriate actions should be taken to improve the performance of such structures and restore it to its desired functionality.

As per bye-law no 77 of the co-op housing society, structural audit is conducted for buildings aging between 15 to 30 years shall be once in 5 years and for buildings aging above 30 years shall be once in 3 years.

Engineer finalized it after inspecting the structure. Rebound hammer & Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) tests are conducted certainly/ by default. If the reinforcement is exposed & corroded, half cell potentiometer is conducted & if there are some irrelevant results in tests then carbonation test is conducted.

For the society aging between 15 to 30 years the validity is 5 years & the building aging above 30 years is 3 years

Preferential letter is a tool which helps to conduct the post audit work like repair & retrofitting in preferential & sequential manner.